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Recovery focussed support for people experiencing mental health problems.  Examining the value of Co-production Peer Support : Shifting from clinical/therapeutic to education-based approaches.

Programme Evaluation: Tripod Training for Creative Social Action "Margaret recently concluded the midterm evaluation for the Organising for Power Programme which aims to strengthen the organising and campaigning capacities of organisations tackling the root causes of racism and xenophobia. Margaret’s method is very thorough yet flexible, her style informal yet professional, her approach direct yet affable. She has clearly demonstrated commitment to our cause, great interest for the project, genuine concern for the participants and an understanding of their unique contexts. Her honest and balanced assessment has given us valuable insights and key learning points on how to improve the implementation for the next cohort of the project. Her analysis and conclusions have also revealed to us strengths and impact that encourages us to continue and improve in the meaningful work we do." (Monette O'Hara, Co-Director and Project Coordinator, Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action).

The Scottish Refugee Council engaged Margaret Lynch to carry out an important piece of work in the development of our latest strategic plan. This involved engaging with a large number of Scottish Refugee Council’s key senior external funders and stakeholders in a confidential and sensitive exercise to get their views about the future direction and priorities for the organisation. Margaret demonstrated a high level of skill and diplomacy and produced an extremely comprehensive and helpful report for the organisation. She was professional to work with and completed the exercise in a challenging deadline and within budget.

John Wilkes, CEO Scottish Refugee Council

Margaret Lynch has worked with the Conforti Institute at various times since 2009 as an adviser to our Centre Director, as a consultant and has provided Interim Management services. We invited her to join our Board and she served as a Board member from 2011 to 2017 resigning to provide Interim Management services.

Over the years she has provided us with a Human Relations advice, Strategic and Financial Planning, Marketing  and Sustainability Strategy support and Interim Management Services. She secured significant funding from the Scottish Government for our Anti Sectarianism programme.

Margaret’s ongoing support for Conforti and her contribution to our work has been highly valued by Board and staff members alike.

Father John Convery, Director, Conforti Institute


Pride Glasgow enaged Margaret Lynch and Karen Willey to pilot us through a difficult strategic planning process at a critical point in the development of the organisation. Karen and Margaret were fantastic at allowing us to realise some of our own strengths and weaknesses as an organisation and finding solutions where necessary.

They were both very professional, polite and thorough! Their report has given us much food for thought and will allow us to continue to strengthen as we grow as a charity.They made the sessions serious, but also fun and was a pleasure to work with them. We would not hesitate in asking them to come back again if necessary.

Alistair Smith, Chairperson Pride Glasgow




I’d like to thank you for all your help with the NCT Centre and for me personally.

You arrived at a time at which I was finding it impossible to see a way forward and yet did not want to walk away from the centre and let it down. I was over stressed at the time, and my health diagnosis only increased the stress, leaving me in an even more impossible situation. You said you would sort the problem, and you did so, for which I am very grateful. Your skills are definitely in organisation & governance.

I feel I can now enjoy the Centre in a much more relaxed way without worrying so much. 

John Harper, Chairperson Newmains Community Trust





Since setting up my consultancy in September 2016 I have  undertaken the following projects.

  • Pride Glasgow: Strategic Planning Review and Evaluation Report.
  • Scottish Refugee Council: External Stakeholder Review  
  • "In Wi The Mix" (A partnership of Faith and Community Scotland, Conforti Institute and A Place For Hope)
  • Community Facilitation and Skills Training on Community Dialogue and an Evaluation Report on the New Farm Loch Anti Sectarianism Project. 
  • Interim Operational Manager, Conforti Institute.
  • Project Co-ordination of Anti Sectarianism Projects funded through the "In Wi The Mix" Partnership, Conforti Institute 
  • Interrim Director, Big Lottery and Newmains Community Trust.
  • Training Workshops on Diversity and Handling Conflict
  • Training Workshops on Community Dialogue.
  • HR advice and risk management, Missio Scotland
  • Tripod Training for Creative Social Action - Programme Evaluation for Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Scottish Recovery Network- Recovery focussed support for people experiencing mental health problems. Examining the value of Co-production, Peer Support and Shifting from clinical/therapeutic to education-based approaches

 My usual rate is £400 per day, however I can vary this according to your funding envelope as required.



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