Managing Change

Sometimes organisations need to increase their capability or capacity in order to deliver change. At this point they need an experienced change manager who can come into the organisation, be quickly attuned to the organisation's culture and values and work with permanent staff to develop and implement a change programme that is then succesfully integrated to business as usual. 


All change programmes need to have a clear vision, well defined benefits, a roadmap for the change process and a blueprint of the new service being developed. All change brings with it the need to manage risk responsibly, to communicate and engage effectively with key stakeholders, and to deliver the results which justify the effort.


I am an experienced change, programme and project manager and use Managing Succesful Programmes and Prince 2 methodologies, tailored for the specific programme or project context. In introducing your organisation to these change  methodologies, I can build the management capacity of your organisation and leave it more resilient and confident with change management for the future. 


Change Management Support includes service reviews and development, programme development, implementation and evaluation, and working with organisations to develop their overall capability and capacity. 



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